about the race

The Atlantic Challenge

The world’s toughest row
The team will be completely self-sufficient for the duration of the 3,000nm row, holding a “2 on 2 off” rowing rotation system, 24 hours a day, to keep the boat moving constantly towards the finish line. They will be responsible for onboard engineering, navigation, and caring for their physical and mental wellbeing, persevering through any conditions the open Atlantic has to offer them.

Fast stats

• The team will plan their caloric intake carrying a 90 day meal plan.
• Onboard desalination machine for potable water can produce 20L/h.
• An estimated 1.5 million oar strokes will carry us from Spain to Antigua.
• Ocean rowers lose on average of 12 kilograms during a crossing.

Rowing to change lives

The challenge of rowing an ocean reflects the struggles faced by youth in foster care. Unable to see the destination, we row on, we batten the hatches to ride out a storm, unsure of how off course it may blow us. Through pain, tears, or trepidation, we continue to paddle, stroke by stroke; a self supported vessel across a vast and unforgiving ocean.